We are committed to providing educational workshops throughout the South West.  All of us are experienced instrumental teachers, are fully CRB checked and work throughout the area in schools and coaching music ensembles.  We can deliver workshops for every age from kindergarten to A level and can also provide experts in different fields to deliver an advanced academic workshop or lecture.

Our aim is to bring the highest standard of music making into the classroom, engaging children and young people with our live interactive programmes.


  • trying out different instruments. We can also bring in wind and brass players to provide more instruments to try.
  • composition workshops for all ages, this can include percussion instruments and/or singing
  • Focus on a particular composer, country, project or type of music

In our most recent project, “A MUSICAL JOURNEY THROUGH THE AGES,” we teamed up with a double bass player, Michael Allnatt and a great presenter, Kip Pratt, who runs Wider Opportunites programmes in South Devon, to deliver fun, educational, interactive performances of beautiful music to groups of all ages.

In this workshop, the children:

  • played along on percussion to a Medieval type Pavanne
  • heard how Vivaldi used a “fugue” to bring the different instruments in
  • sang to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”
  • listened to the story of Mozart’s opera, “The Magic Flute”
  • told us the images that they were thinking of as we played Shostacovich’s Chamber Symphony inspired by World War 2.

We finished with a rousing Greek Dance.

Kip Pratt currently teaches wider opportunities and curriculum music in a number of Devon schools and runs the Wider Opportunities programme in Teignmouth. He also works as a visiting lecturer in music education for Plymouth University.

We are always keen to develop new projects and can happily fit in with your ideas, projects or with the National Curriculum. We have a huge repertoire of music to draw from and are also happy to bring in instruments for the children to try.

Do contact us here or ring Rebecca on 01626 364027 for more information.